RPS buoy

RPS Floating LiDAR Deployed at Bałtyk I Offshore Wind Farm

RPS Group has deployed one of its Floating LiDAR buoys off Poland for Equinor and Polenergia’s offshore wind project, Bałtyk I.


The Floating LiDAR buoy will measure wind resource data above the sea surface as part of a one-year wind resource measurement project.

RPS managed the entire deployment, from logistics, assembly, and testing to launch, as well as sourcing the deployment vessel.

According to the company, the design is tailored for each deployment, based on the offshore conditions the buoys are likely to encounter. In addition, the wind profile assessment for this project was customised to the wind turbine hub height, to provide Polenergia and Equinor with more relevant data to inform their design parameters.

The 1,560 MW offshore wind farm is one of the three projects that Polenergia and Equinor are jointly developing in the Baltic Sea, the other two being Bałtyk II and Bałtyk III. 

With Bałtyk II and Bałtyk III each having a 720 MW capacity, the three offshore wind farms will have a total installed capacity of 3 GW.

The wind farms will be located offshore the port of Łeba in water depths of between 20 and 40 metres.

Bałtyk III wind farm is expected to deliver its first power in 2025 and Bałtyk II could follow suit in 2027. Bałtyk I is anticipated to be built and grid-connected after Bałtyk II.

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