UK Engineers Set Up Online Foundation Design Platform for Offshore Wind Projects

UK-based offshore wind engineering consultancy Effiwind has launched an online platform that enables a fully automated foundation design process.

The new digital tool, which is accessible via a web browser, can produce fully automated concept foundation designs with a reduced turnaround time, contributing to a smoother design process and reduced risk for offshore wind projects, according to Effiwind.

For each analysed foundation, a design report is automatically generated. The report sets out the inputs, the methodology, and the design results, including summary metrics and drawings of the foundations, the company said.

The online platform features hydrodynamic modeling capabilities for both linear and non-linear waves as well as solvers for dynamic analysis.

“Combining our extensive experience in offshore wind foundation design with modern technology, we have created a user-friendly online platform for the rapid and fully automated concept design of offshore wind foundations,” said Alexandros Adamopoulos, founder and director of Effiwind.

“We want everyone involved in the offshore wind foundation design process to be able to quickly assess different design scenarios and to easily access efficient and optimised foundation designs.”

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Photo: SSE/Illustration