Danes Open Public Consultation on Aflandshage Offshore Wind Farm

The Danish Energy Agency (DEA) and Hvidovre Municipality have opened public consultation on the environmental impact report for the Aflandshage offshore wind farm, an up to 300 MW project being developed by HOFOR in the Øresund Strait, some ten kilometres from the southern tip of Amager.

The DEA and Hvidovre Municipality have invited the public and affected authorities to submit comments on the environmental impact report and other consultation material no later than 20 February 2022.

The consultation will also include an information meeting about the project on 12 January 2022, organised by the Danish Energy Agency, Hvidovre Municipality, and the project developer HOFOR. 

The Aflandshage offshore wind farm, located eight kilometres from the coast, will comprise between 26 and 45 wind turbines and will have a total installed capacity of up to 300 MW.

The project is expected to be connected to the electricity grid at Avedøre Power Station, which is owned by Ørsted, who entered into an agreement with HOFOR earlier this year to secure clean electricity from the offshore wind farm for the production of sustainable fuels in the Greater Copenhagen area as part of the 1.3 GW Green Fuels for Denmark project.

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As part of the agreement, Ørsted and HOFOR will work towards enabling Ørsted to offtake the power produced at HOFOR’s Aflandshage offshore wind farm project, while HOFOR may place the offshore wind farm’s substation at the premises of Avedøre Power Station.

The offshore wind farm is planned to be linked to the grid at the existing 132 kV station via a new 33 or 66 kV / 132 kV transformer station.

Under the agreement with Ørsted, the power from Aflandshage could enable parts of Green Fuels for Denmark’s second phase of 250 MW and meet the power demand for the project’s first phase. In addition to Green Fuels for Denmark, the agreement could potentially also cover the power demand of the electrolysis plant that will supply hydrogen to DFDS’s proposed hydrogen-powered ferry between Copenhagen and Oslo, if this project is realised.

Following the signing of the offtake agreement with HOFOR, Ørsted also identified an opportunity to build its first carbon capture facility at Avedøre.

Photo: Aflandshage Offshore Wind Farm visualization; Source: Environmental impact report