Able UK Gets Government Funding for Offshore Wind Upgrade

The UK government has selected Able UK’s Able Marine Energy Park (AMEP) for funding under the Offshore Wind Manufacturing Investment Scheme, which will ensure the port infrastructure can accommodate next generation offshore wind activities.

“The government will make an offer of support, in principle, to the Able Marine Energy Park on Humberside following the conclusion of the competition to upgrade ports infrastructure for the next generation of offshore wind”, the UK government states in the Budget 2021 document.

AMEP will receive GBP 75 million from the government under this scheme. According to the UK Budget 2021, the government will also sign a memorandum of understanding with Teesworks Offshore Manufacturing Centre on Teesside to support the development of another offshore wind port hub.

The investments are part of the Prime Minister’s Ten Point Plan that set aside GBP 160 million to support the manufacturing and ports infrastructure for the next generation offshore wind farms. The plan was announced in October 2020, when Prime Minister Boris Johnson also revealed that the country was raising its offshore wind target for 2030 from 30 GW to 40 GW.

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To prepare for the work on the future offshore wind farms that will feature massive wind turbine components, AMEP will see a total of GBP 500 million invested, more than half of which has already gone on land development and acquisition.

The first phase of the infrastructure upgrade includes the construction of 1,349 metres of new deep-water quays and a land area designated for offshore wind of some 217 hectares.

It is anticipated that facilities for manufactures will be constructed, including potentially for the Korean steel producer SeAH who could develop the UK’s first major monopile production facility.

According to Able UK, AMEP has the potential to transform the local economy and create up to 3,000 new jobs. By 2030, around 1,500 direct on-site jobs could be created, along with 1,500 in the immediate supply chain.

Photo: AbleUK; Visualisation of the planned Able Marine Energy Park