GE Haliade-X Breaks 300 MWh Daily Output Ceiling

GE Haliade-X Breaks 300 MWh Daily Output Ceiling

The prototype GE Haliade-X offshore wind turbine has produced 312 MWh of electricity in a single 24-hour period, once again setting a new world record.

GE Renewable Energy
GE Haliade-X Breaks 300 MWh Daily Output Ceiling
Source: GE Renewable Energy

This is according to John Lavelle, CEO Offshore Wind at GE Renewable Energy.

The prototype turbine, installed in the Port of Rotterdam, produced its first power in November 2019 and has since set several world records for 24-hour output.

The most recent record of 312 MWh was reached after the prototype had been optimized to operate at a 13 MW power output.

This is an improvement of 24 MWh compared to the previous record 24-hour output of 288 MWh set in February 2020 when the unit operated at 12 MW.

”I feel particularly proud to see the progress the teams are making in such a short amount of time. Our HaliadeX prototype is now operating at 13 MW, which means we are able to generate more electricity with the same machine, all the while keeping our costs low,” Lavelle said in a social media post.

GE plans to start the serial production of the Haliade-X at the Saint-Nazaire factory in France during the second half of 2021.

The Haliade-X 13 MW offshore wind turbine will be used in the first two phases of the Dogger Bank Wind Farm, with a total of 190 units to be installed off the UK starting in 2023.

The Haliade-X technology has also been selected by Ørsted as the preferred wind turbine for the 120 MW Skipjack and the 1,100 MW Ocean Wind projects in the US.