ENGIE Fabricom Starts Cathodic Protection Inspection Offshore UK

ENGIE Fabricom has secured a contract to analyse the current performance and suitability of over 50 monopile foundations at a wind farm off the UK.

Operating from five sites located across the UK, the company has been commissioned to carry out complete cathodic protection and pH monitoring of the internal water within each monopile on a wind farm based on the east coast of England.

The new contract is already underway and will see ENGIE Fabricom’s technicians and onshore team use specialist monitoring equipment that will be lowered into each monopile’s foundation internal water.

ENGIE Fabricom’s experts will then analyse the measurements and issue a report outlining a series of recommendations to its offshore wind client which will be underpinned by the DNV specification for cathodic protection.

“ENGIE Fabricom prides itself on having over 10 years’ experience in offshore wind engineering and, as such, during this time we have developed our own unique turnkey solutions in response to the challenges faced in the sector,” Richard Webster, CEO at ENGIE Fabricom, said.

In addition, ENGIE Fabricom will also be completing comprehensive external foundation inspections for the offshore wind provider including boat landings, ladders, and platforms to investigate any potential structural or coating issues. The inspections will be carried out in tandem with the cathodic protection and pH monitoring works.

Photo: ENGIE Fabricom/Illustration