European Energy Seeks Final Permit to Build Wind Farms Offshore Denmark

European Energy has officially filed for permission to build the 320 MW Omø South and the 240 MW Jammerland Bay wind farms offshore Denmark.

The filing comes five months after the Danish Energy Agency greenlit the preliminary environment impact assessments related to both projects.

European Energy has already initiated technical inspections of the seabed at the project sites and is confident of the projects’ viability.

”I am very pleased that today we have officially requested the permission to build our two offshore wind farms Omø South and Jammerland Bay,” Knud Erik Andersen, CEO of European Energy, said.

”We look forward to presenting our final design and choice of wind turbines before the end of 2021 in order to begin installation by 2023 with grid connection later that same year.”

The request by European Energy is in line with Danish authorities’ guideline for the Open-Door projects and should now lead to agreement on a final timeline together with the Danish Energy Agency.

Prior to receiving building permission, European Energy will have to present a supplement to the environment impact assessment presenting the final design scheme for the offshore wind farms.

European Energy first started the development of the projects in 2012 within the so-called ”open door procedure”.

”Our projects have been through a thorough application process that has so far lasted 8 years. We hope that we have now begun the final phase before installation can take place. Our offshore wind farms will supply more than 500,000 Danish households with green energy and be key to achieving the ambitious emissions reduction targets in Denmark and the EU as it will reduce CO2-emissions by 750,000 tons every year,” said Andersen.

The Omø South and the Jammerland Bay wind farms are scheduled to enter into operation in 2023.

Photo: Seabed surveys carried out at Jammerland Bay. Source: European Energy