Watch: Samkang Sends Off TPC Jackets

Following the first load-out of the jacket foundations built by Samkang M&T for the TPC Phase 1 wind farm in Taiwan, the South Korean manufacturer has now shared a video showing the process.


Back in May, Jan De Nul completed the load-out of the first four of the 21 jacket foundations built for the 109.2 MW TPC (Taiwan Power Company) Offshore Windfarm Phase 1 at Samkang’s yard.

The four-legged jackets are being shipped in five batches of three to five units on a self-propelled semi-submersible transport vessel. Jan De Nul tapped Taiwan’s Hung Hua for the transport of the jackets.

The jackets measure between 55 and 62 metres in overall length. The heaviest unit weighs approximately 1,100 tonnes, and the combined total weight is approximately 22,000 tonnes.

Each jacket includes a 7.2-metre transition piece (TP) with a diameter of 5.4 metres to support towers carrying the Hitachi 5.2 MW turbines.

Once in Taiwan, the jackets will be custom cleared before travelling to their final destination approximately 8 kilometres off the coast of Fangyuan in Central Western Taiwan, where Jan De Nul is responsible for their installation.

The wind farm is scheduled to be completed by the end of the year.

The video of the load-out of the jacket foundations can be accessed here.