Clir Clears Gigawatt Mark

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Clir Renewables has optimized the performance of more than 1 GW of offshore wind assets in Europe by the end of the first quarter of 2020.

According to Clir Renewables, this milestone follows 2019’s mammoth year of offshore wind construction, with 3 GW installed in Europe alone.

The company explains that its artificial intelligence analyses turbine health and performance data in the context of their environment, which allows owners to develop an understanding of the assets’ behavior and identify when the turbine is underperforming and why.

“It’s great to see a number of large owners focusing on developing a greater understanding of their projects – this not only supports industry understanding of the true performance of offshore technology, but these asset owners will be in a great place to protect the lifetime of their assets and cut the likelihood of downtime,” said Craig McCall, Chief Revenue Officer at Clir.

“Investing in understanding the unknowns around asset performance in an offshore environment will be key to de-risking not only current operations, but future project financing.”

McCall said that with the current COVID-19 situation and its effects, it will be more important for owners to make sure operational projects are producing as much energy as possible for as long as possible to meet ongoing energy demands.

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