TenneT Seeks BorWin6 Onshore Cable Route Planners

TenneT Offshore GmbH has issued a tender for the technical planning of an onshore cable route as part of the planning approval process for the BorWin6 offshore grid connection in the German North Sea.

The tender includes the technical planning of the country route of the BorWin6 cable system, which lands in Neuenkoog (Büsum) and has to be routed to the Büttel network connection point, partly within a corridor that has already been contractually secured.

This corridor is to be sought in parallel to the existing or under construction systems; HelWin1 and 2, SylWin1, and NordLink, and to be technically worked out. The converter of the cable system is to be built in the vicinity of the HelWin1 and 2 and SylWin1 converters in the UW Büttel.

The tender remains open until 27 April.

The 900MW BorWin6 offshore grid connection is scheduled to be commissioned in 2027.

Photo: TenneT/Illustration

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