PanGeo Subsea Teams Up with ThayerMahan

PanGeo Subsea and ThayerMahan have entered a seabed survey partnership to provide the 3D SAS imagery to de-risk seabed construction operations in the offshore energy industry.

PanGeo Subsea has two acoustic survey technologies, the Sub-Bottom Imager and the Acoustic Corer that penetrate the seabed floor to depths of 20-30 ft and 120 ft respectively to provide real-time 3D visualization of buried geohazards.

ThayerMahan provides autonomous maritime and seabed survey solutions from large and small vessels.

The companies said that the partnership will see PanGeo’s sub-seabed imaging technologies augmenting ThayerMahan’s current seabed survey capabilities to provide the full range of surveying services necessary to safely conduct marine installations. 

ThayerMahan CEO Mike Connor said: “This partnership combines ThayerMahan’s ability to conduct high-speed, high-precision seabed search with PanGeo’s ability to investigate sub-seabed conditions using cutting edge technology. Together, we provide a more complete service offering to our customers in government, industry, and academia.”

Moya Cahill, CEO of PanGeo Subsea, said: “We are confident this partnership between PanGeo and ThayerMahan will strengthen our respective positions to deliver leading edge survey solutions for UXO, pre-route, depth of burial and pile foundation clearance surveys.”

Photo: ThayerMahan

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