Penta-Ocean and DEME Form Offshore Wind Pact in Japan

Japanese marine contractor Penta-Ocean Construction and DEME Offshore have concluded a memorandum of understanding (MOU) regarding comprehensive cooperation for the construction of offshore wind farms in Japan.


In light of recent regulations which promote offshore wind power generation in the general sea areas, as well as in port and harbour areas, the development of offshore wind projects has gained considerable momentum throughout Japan, DEME said.

However, offshore wind projects can face very complex subsoils due to mixed sandy and rocky, sometimes soft grounds, together with severe metocean conditions like typhoons, bomb cyclones, etc. In addition, seismic forces need to be considered.

”By combining DEME Offshore’s extensive experience and technological know-how in Europe with those of Penta-Ocean in Japan, we will be able to provide comprehensive solutions to these challenges. We believe that our collaboration will make a significant contribution to the further expansion of Japan’s offshore wind industry, through the realisation of safe and highly efficient construction methods,” DEME said.

As a first step, the companies will start with the introduction and development of advanced technologies that are deemed useful and beneficial to the Japanese market, leading to joint execution of offshore wind farm projects in Japan.

DEME Offshore, a subsidiary of DEME Group, owns a fleet of installation vessels including seven self-elevating platforms equipped with cranes that have lifting capacities up to 1,500t, the floating heavy lift vessel Orion with a 5,000t crane, and other specialised vessels for cable installation, wind farm maintenance, and offshore services.

In the field of offshore wind farm construction, Penta-Ocean has a track record in the design, construction and removal of a demonstration offshore wind power facility in the Hibikinada District of Kitakyushu Port, Fukuoka Prefecture. Penta-Ocean also owns the first Japanese offshore installation vessel, CP-8001, which is equipped with an 800t crane, and is currently building a second installation vessel with a 1,600t crane.