Shoreline Offshore Wind Design Simulation Solution Comes to Japan

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The Japanese Pacifico Energy has selected Shoreline’s construction and O&M design simulation solution for early phase modeling of offshore wind farms.

According to Shoreline, Pacifico Energy can now fast and accurately model, assess and optimize bottom fixed and floating offshore wind farms business case scenarios.

The solution is said to take into regard strategy development, logistics, weather downtime, availability, cost, utilization, power production, and much more.

We are very excited to work with Shoreline. The extremely user-friendly cloud-based Construction and O&M Design platform will help us evaluate possible construction and O&M scenarios as well as evaluate the fabrication, transportation and installation strategies,” Pacifico Energy stated.

Shoreline provides cloud-based integrated simulation and data analytics solutions for the design, as well as the execution phase covering construction and O&M resource management.

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