Carbon Trust Issues Four Floating Wind Study Calls

The Carbon Trust has launched four tenders for floating offshore wind scoping studies as part of its Floating Wind Joint Industry Partnership (JIP).

The first tender, related to floating wind access and availability, is calling interested parties to undertake a study looking to improve the understanding of the accessibility and expected availability of future commercial-scale floating wind farms.

The second concerns the assessment of turbine generators for floating wind farms and is seeking a study to better understand and predict expected failure rates and engage with turbine suppliers to support the commercialization of floating wind.

Furthermore, the third tender is calling companies and consortia to undertake a study looking to improve the understanding of floating wind yield, compared to seabed fixed, with a further aim of updating the leading software to enable accurate prediction.

The final tender is looking for a study to provide guidance for using numerical modeling tools for floating wind design, and assessing how these are taken into account in standards.

The deadline for submitting applications for all the tenders is 20 March at 23:59 GMT.

Photo: The Carbon Trust