HST CTVs Sport BareFLEET Monitoring System

High Speed Transfers (HST) is implementing BareFLEET, Reygar’s remote monitoring system, across its crew transfer vessel (CTV) fleet as it aims to expand to the U.S. and Taiwanese markets.

According to Reygar, BareFLEET gives operators visibility over fleet activity, health and performance, monitoring the status of the engine, vessel motion and navigation.

It automatically records and draws vessel data into a single portal, which is said to reduce reporting time.

“We currently have BareFLEET installed on each of our four Damen FCS 2710 vessels, having adopted Reygar’s system early on in order to build solid foundations for our commercial expansion,” said Tom Nevin, CEO of HST.

“We have now signed memorandum agreements with partners in the U.S. and Taiwan, and look forward to maintaining our high operational standards as we address the demands and opportunities of these emerging markets.”

To remind, in February, HST entered into a partnership with Boston Line & Services, which will see it deliver crew transfer and logistical support for the U.S. offshore wind sector.

In U.S. waters, BareFLEET will be used to monitor fuel consumption data and may in the future be used to log Nitrogen Oxide emissions using specialist sensors in order to meet market-specific requirements.

In Taiwan, HST has an agreement with Dong Fang Offshore (DFO) covering three CTVs and the roll-out of a training program for local crews.

Photo: HST

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