Van Oord Calls In DHSS for Offshore Air Support

Van Oord has selected DHSS as its contractor for helicopter services during the construction phase of the Borssele III & IV offshore wind farm in the Dutch North Sea.


The 731.5MW Borssele III & IV offshore wind farm is located near the southern border of the Dutch Exclusive Economic zone (EEZ) and approximately 25 kilometres from shore.

Van Oord will execute the Balance of Plant, which among others, is consisting of the construction and installation of 77 monopile foundations and installation of the MHI Vestas 9.5 MW turbines.

Van Oord’s installation vessel Aeolus has recently started its first work at the wind farm site. The wind farm is being developed by the Blauwwind consortium of Shell, Van Oord, Eneco, and Mitsubishi/DGE.

DHSS is based at the Den Helder Airport. The company is also the helicopter logistics provider for the Deutsche Bucht wind farm in the German North Sea, where they are also working with Van Oord and MHI Vestas. Helicopter flights, chartered from DHSS, will take off from Den Helder Airport, which is completely utilized as an A1 Offshore Energy heliport and approved by the consortium.

“This call off helicopter contract for Van Oord at Borssele III & IV, shows that we are a trusted partner for a major client when it comes to air transfers for crew and cargo,” said Wim Schouwenaar, CEO and founder of DHSS.

”With our expertise as Helicopter Service provider, together with knowledge and in-depth know how of Ships Agency services in the Offshore Energy business for a very long time, we fully understand our clients mandatory needs. With a strong dedicated team, we do our utmost to give our customers total piece in mind.“