East Anglia Offshore Wind Farms Cleared for DCO Review

The UK Planning Inspectorate has accepted applications for orders granting development consent submitted by ScottishPower Renewables for the East Anglia ONE North and the East Anglia TWO offshore wind farms.

The UK Secretary of State has decided to accept these applications for examination. ScottishPower Renewables submitted the Development Consent Order (DCO) applications for the two projects in late October.

The East Anglia TWO project is located some 37 kilometres off the Port of Lowestoft and covers an area of 218.4km2. Initial studies have indicated a potential generating capacity of up to 900MW. The wind farm will consist of up to 75 wind turbines and up to four offshore platforms.

With a capacity of up to 800MW, East Anglia ONE North is located 36 kilometres from its nearest point to the port at Lowestoft, covering an area of 208km2. The wind farm will comprise up to 67 wind turbines and up to four offshore platforms.

Construction is expected to start in early 2024 and the wind farms are expected to be operational by mid-2027.

Photo: ScottishPower Renewables/Illustration