APEM Surveying Wildlife at Vietnam's 3.4GW Offshore Wind Project

APEM Surveying Wildlife at Vietnam’s 3.4GW Offshore Wind Project

APEM Ltd has begun conducting aerial surveys at the Thang Long offshore wind project in Vietnam.

APEM (Illustration)

Under a contract with Enterprize Energy, APEM is conducting baseline digital aerial surveys to collect data on birds and marine mammals at the project site offshore Ke Ga Cape.

According to the UK-headquartered company, the surveys will be collected with ultra-high resolution imagery using a statistically robust grid-based survey design.

“We have carefully chosen the best technical partners to ensure the success of the project,” said James Blanchard, HSEQ Director at Enterprize Energy. “We look forward to working with APEM and their Vietnamese aircraft providers on this important aspect of our survey plan for the Thang Long Offshore Wind Farm.”

In June, Enterprize Energy received a site survey license for the 3.4GW Thang Long project. Based on the results, the necessary planning, environmental, and feasibility reports will be prepared.

The Thang Long project will be developed in five 600MW phases and one 400MW phase. The first 600MW phase will comprise 64 9.5MW turbines expected to be operational in late 2022 or early 2023.

The remaining 600MW phases are scheduled to be commissioned by 2026. The wind farm will feature MHI Vestas turbines.