W2POWER Prototype Completes Tests Offshore Spain

The W2POWER prototype, the first multi-turbine wind floating platform in Spain designed by the Spanish company ENEROCEAN S.L., was decommissioned from the PLOCAN’s test site on 17 October.

The testing of the 1:6 scale prototype was carried out between June and October with an aim to collect information from different parameters that will allow further development and optimization of this multi-turbine platform.

This test was carried out within the framework of the WIP10 + project (WIND INTEGRATED PLATFORM FOR 10+ MW POWER PER FOUNDATION).

The project has been coordinated by ENEROCEAN (Spain), with the participation of INGETEAM (Spain), GHENOVA INGENIERIA (Spain) and TENSION TECHNOLOGY INTERNATIONAL (UK), and PLOCAN as an outsourcing entity.

The project has been funded within the framework of the European call Era-Net DEMOWIND, co-funded by several institutions including the Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI).


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