Anbaric Backs Massachusetts Offshore Wind Development

U.S. offshore transmission system developer Anbaric has filed testimony in support of a bill expected to help set the stage for the expansion of offshore wind in Massachusetts.

H 2814, An Act relative to the transmission for offshore wind energy, would create a separate bidding process for the transmission lines that would deliver offshore wind energy to shore.

“We must open the bidding process for transmission to competition if we are to increase the scale of Massachusetts’ offshore wind industry,” said Stephen Conant, Partner and Project Manager at Anbaric.

“Getting the transmission system right by competing its build out separate from the generation of offshore wind energy will prove to be best for the ocean environment, cause less disruption to the fishing industry, and ultimately deliver the lowest prices for ratepayers. In addition, pre-permitted transmission, as called for in the legislation, removes much of the development risk in completing offshore wind projects.”

Conant added that the bill, introduced by Representative Paul Brodeur and co-sponsored by House Speaker Pro Tempore Patricia Haddad, Representative Sarah Peake and Minority Leader Bradley Jones, has a broad base of support, including labor, environmental and business groups.

Massachusetts issued its second offshore wind Request for Proposals (RfP) in May. The winner or winners will be announced by 8 November and the long-term contracts are expected to be negotiated and executed by 13 December.

Recently, the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources (DOER) called on electric distribution companies to proceed with an additional 1,600MW of offshore wind solicitations in the state.

Photo: Anbaric