First Foundation Up at SeaMade

DEME Group’s jack-up vessel Innovation has installed the first foundation at the SeaMade offshore wind farm in Belgium.

DEME Group (Screenshot)

DEME is picking up the monopile foundations at Sif’s Maasvlakte terminal in Rotterdam and is in charge of installing all 58 pieces at the project site some 50km off the coast from Ostend.

The company is also responsible for installing the turbines, inter-array cables, export cables and two offshore substations.

Sif won a contract at the end of last year to produce the monopiles and in a joint venture with Smulders the transition pieces for the project.

SeaMade comprises the 252MW Seastar and the 235MW Mermaid offshore wind projects. The 487MW project, which will be Belgium’s largest offshore wind farm, will feature 58 Siemens Gamesa 8.0-167 DD turbines set to be commissioned in 2020.