Kinnaird Marine Keeps Guard Over Moray East Piling Ops

Kinnaird Marine Limited is providing guard vessels for the piling campaign at the Moray East offshore wind farm in the UK.


GeoSea commenced the piling activities at the project site at the end of May, with operations so far completed on seven locations, according to the Moray East Weekly Notice of Operations.

The GV Replenish and KMS Ability N294 vessels will carry out the contract. There will always be at least one guard vessel on station during the piling activities, except the times of extreme weather.

The vessels’ primary duty is securing the construction site by informing and warning non-construction vessels of the ongoing activities and associated safety zones.

Moray East will comprise 100 MHI Vestas 9.5MW turbines mounted on jacket foundations some 22km off the coast of Scotland. The 950MW offshore wind project will be fully operational in 2022.