Lamprell to Kick Off Moray East Work in Q2

Lamprell is on track to cut the first steel for the jacket foundations destined for the Moray East offshore wind farm in the second quarter of the year, according to the company’s latest financial report.

Lamprell won the contract to fabricate 45 wind turbine and three substation jacket foundations at the end of last year, with Smulders producing the remaining 55 turbine jackets.

According to the company, lessons learned on the East Anglia One project in pricing against the in-depth understanding of the market and in managing project risk profile effectively have been embedded for work on the 950MW project.

“Moray East is one of the most prominent wind farms recently committed for construction, and we are delighted to be part of this large-scale, high profile project,” Lamprell writes.

“With the knowledge and experience we gained through East Anglia One we have been able to significantly reduce the risk profile on this project, and I am confident we can deliver in a timely and cost effective manner.”

Lamprell expects that the Moray East project and walk-in work will be the main supporters of an expected revenue range of USD 250-400 million for 2019.

The company claims that it is finally beginning to see traction in the bid pipeline after two years of no major contract wins.

Moray East, located 22 kilometers off the Scottish coast, will comprise 100 MHI Vestas 9.5MW turbines expected to be fully up and running in 2022.

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