Hitachi Halts Wind Turbine Production

Tokyo-based Hitachi has decided to stop manufacturing wind turbines going forward, and will instead focus on marketing wind turbines from the long-time German partner Enercon.


With this latest policy, Hitachi expects to maintain the top share of the wind turbines market in Japan by expanding the solution business integrating Enercon’s wind turbines with its digital technology.

The company will continue to conduct the ongoing projects using its downwind turbines both in Japan and overseas, and as previously, will offer the solutions including maintenance and services to existing wind farms featuring Hitachi turbines.

The company also plans to strengthen its maintenance services and expand its core product of wind power generation solution business.

Hitachi is to provide 21 5.2MW wind turbines with downwind rotors for the Changhua offshore wind farm project in Taiwan. The turbines are expected to be delivered in early 2020.