G-Octopus Gets a Makeover

G-Octopus, a Cathie Associates company, is rebranding in order to bring into focus its piling solutions for the renewable energy and oil & gas industries.

The rebranding includes a top-to-bottom redesign of the company’s website, logo, graphics, communications and correspondence.

“G-Octopus has extensive pile driving monitoring and pile driving testing experience within the oil and gas sector and more recently, in offshore wind power, and provide advanced interpretation and analysis of the pile driving monitoring data,” said Emilio Nicolini, Director of G-Octopus.

“It is important that G-Octopus retains its established values but at the same time develops a new and modern identity. The rebranding exercise will ensure that we get the right message out there. “

Since its launch in 2002, G-Octopus has been involved in several pile driving monitoring projects throughout the world – onshore, nearshore, offshore and underwater.

The company expanded its activities to the offshore wind industry in 2011.