World’s First Global Offshore Wind Organization Debuts

World Forum Offshore Wind (WFO), the first organization dedicated to fostering and promoting the global growth of offshore wind, has officially been launched.

The non-profit organization was founded by DEME, E.ON Climate & Renewables, innogy, Green Giraffe, Northland Power, Suzlon Energy, EEW Special Pipe Constructions, Marsh, Watson Farley & Williams, as well as the US Business Network for Offshore Wind, which represents over 200 member businesses in the states.

WFO’s aims are to facilitate access to governmental and international forums in order to open new markets and to advocate for worldwide offshore wind growth, as well as to engage on social and political levels and on wider stakeholder platforms to draw more attention to the economic and ecological benefits of the sector.

Registered in Germany, with offices in Hamburg and Singapore, WFO is expected to work with governments to discuss and advance the key political parameters required for the deployment of offshore wind and will encourage taking action and introducing legislation that allows the industry to develop.

According to the organization, its members will benefit from its global knowledge exchange activities, which will include connecting players from established and emerging offshore wind markets.

“Realising the potential of offshore wind is crucial to meeting European and global renewable energy targets. With WFO a platform was founded which helps to support the global expansion,” said Richard Sandford, Director of Offshore Investment & Asset Management at innogy.