Report: UK OW Workforce Demand to More Than Triple by 2032

The requirement for workers in the UK offshore wind market is expected to increase from the current 10,000 to 36,000 by 2032, according to the Skills and Labour Requirements of the UK Offshore Wind Industry 2018 to 2032 report by Aura Wind Energy and partners. 

Based on estimates that by 2032 the UK could have 35GW or five-fold the current levels of installed offshore wind capacity, the report writes that the sector will be operating in a very tight labour market over the coming years and there will be fierce competition for talent.

Skills shortages could become more prevalent and a wide range of skills sets will be required, while many of the job opportunities will be focused on the UK East Coast where the offshore wind farms are situated, Aura stated.

The study was funded by the Regional Growth Fund Green Port Growth Programme and carried out by Energy & Utility Skills.

According to the report author and Workforce Planning Consultant at Energy & Utility Skills, Rob Murphy, the data analysis and interview with industry experts showed that the offshore wind industry has great potential to be a significant regional employer, but there are many challenges to overcome to ensure there is a resilient workforce.

“This report sets out the challenges and makes recommendations to address them. If the true potential of the offshore wind industry is to be unlocked, a more co-ordinated approach is needed – one that brings together businesses from across the supply chain, skills providers at all levels, regional and national government and the full range of support agencies,” said Murphy.

The study concludes that the industry should work with the educational system, including schools, higher education and continual professional development, to make sure the right skills and talents are produced at all levels in the coming years.

“We must ensure that the talent pipeline, which starts with 14 year olds at school now, is able to provide the sector with the skilled workforce that we are going to need over the next decade or so.  We also want to be the industry of choice for women and Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic workers who want a career in an innovative and pioneering industry,” said John Weir, Talent & Skills Lead at Aura.