MHI Vestas Gets Room to Grow on Isle of Wight

Danish turbine manufacturer Vestas is relocating its testing-related activities at West Medina Mills to the nearby St. Cross facility on Isle of Wight in the UK to make room for future expansion under consideration by MHI Vestas Offshore Wind.

“Our facilities on the Isle of Wight are an important part of our global footprint, and the relocation of some of our activities on the island to make way for future offshore wind expansion underlines our long-term commitment to the community and the growth of the UK wind energy sector,” said John Rimmer, Vestas Technology UK Managing Director.

The relocation is scheduled to begin this week. Some Vestas staff will remain at West Medina Mills.

MHI Vestas, a joint venture between Vestas and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, is operating a blade manufacturing facility on the Isle of Wight. The blades have been manufactured at the Isle of Wight factory since 2015, with serial production commencing last year.

The Vestas R&D facility on the Isle of Wight was opened in 2011 and was specifically designed to develop large blades for the latest wind turbines. The facility consists of two halls, 170m long and 50m wide, one for testing and verification, and one for blade production, leased by MHI Vestas.

“With Vestas moving their blade, bearing and material testing to St. Cross, we are now considering how MHI Vestas can take full advantage of the West Medina Mills facility for offshore blade production,” said James Luter, MHI Vestas Director of Blade Production.

Photo: Image source: MHI Vestas