Siemens Secures More Work for TenneT

Siemens Offshore Grid Access Service has secured a contract extension with TenneT TSO for the provision of its platform supply vessel (PSV).

Under the seven-month extension, Siemens will see the DolWin Alpha platform added to its work scope, which includes providing a PSV for the BorWin Alpha and Beta, HelWin Alpha and Beta, as well as SylWin Alpha platforms.

The PSV has been used since 2015 for the ongoing material and the bunker supply of the offshore platforms located in the German North Sea.

The operation of the vessel will be carried out from Emden, Germany, after it had been operating out of Cuxhaven for the last three years.

According to Siemens, during this period the PSV performed 261 service runs with an availability of 100%, which has been possible due to efficient planning and coordination of all involved parties.

The company recently performed subsea and drone inspections at TenneT’s six offshore converter platforms.

Photo: The DolWin Alpha platform. Source: TenneT

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