Wind-Solar Hybrid Takes Aim at Offshore Platforms

Rotterdam-based Amphibious Energy is testing the Hybrid EnergyPod, a container designed to generate, store and convert solar and wind power, at the Port of Rotterdam’s Maasvlakte 2.

Image source: Amphibious Energy

The company is developing an onshore version in addition to the offshore version for platforms at sea.

The Hybrid EnergyPod was launched in March this year and was deployed on Maasvlakte 2 soon thereafter. The tests at the site will continue for further six months, the Port of Rotterdam said. Live performance data is collected via a 4G network and a summary of the monthly average will be published on the developer’s website each month.

The goal of the project is to provide a sustainable alternative to diesel power generators on offshore oil and gas platforms.

The container is equipped with a wind turbine and solar panels. Inverters and systems consume part of the generated power with the remaining power being stored in batteries for use by external purchasers.

“In winter there’s often a lot of wind and not much sun. So we mainly use the wind turbine then. In summer we mainly generate power via the solar panels,” Managing Director George Nadorp said.

According to Nadorp, the design of the wind turbine makes it ”extremely suitable for offshore applications.”

“It is totally different from the usual propeller wind turbines at sea, which often break down within a year or two. Our turbine can generate power with lower revs and is fitted with double bearings. This makes it extremely robust. Another advantage is the container’s fully autonomous operation. You can just install it on an offshore platform and you don’t need to worry about it again,” Nadorp said.

The system on Maasvlakte is constructed in an 8-ft container and has one wind turbine and solar panels. The EnergyPod can also feature a 20-ft container and two to three wind turbines, according to Nadorp.

Photo: Image source: Amphibious Energy

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