Maine Offshore Wind Jobs Potential Probed

Offshore wind could support 2,144 Maine jobs annually through 2030, according to a report released by the American Jobs Project.

The report, The Maine Jobs Project A Guide to Creating Jobs in Offshore Wind , is based on research the American Jobs Project carried in collaboration with the University of Southern Maine, Environmental & Energy Technology Council of Maine, and BVG Associates.

The scenario is based on Maine’s deployment goal of 5GW by 2036 and assumes the state could install 2GW by 2030.

Maine has an opportunity to mobilize the offshore wind market in the US Northeast, supplying expertise and products to facilitate the expected build-out of 7.5GW of installed offshore wind capacity, according to the report.

The report has also provided recommendations on how Maine could tap into its offshore wind potential which is estimated to be 156GW.

The recommendations include exploring future procurement options beyond standard power purchase agreements (PPAs), re-establishing the Maine State Planning Office, creating an offshore wind production tax credit, upgrading ports and establishing a Port Innovation District, and establishing a Northeast Offshore Wind Innovation Center.

When it comes to developing the future workforce, the report proposes an Offshore Wind Workforce Development Fund, offshore wind programs at community colleges, and expanding apprenticeships and career and technical education (CTE) programs.