DOC-Swan Hunter Carries Out Cable Transport for German OWF

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DOC-Swan Hunter, a joint venture partnership between Dutch Offshore Contractors and Swan Hunter, has completed the transportation of inter-array cables for an offshore wind project in Germany.

DOC-Swan Hunter was in charge of spooling and transporting 1,200Te of inter-array cables from a cable factory in Norway to the Port of Eemshaven in the Netherlands.

In addition, the company’s scope of work included project management and engineering, barge mobilization and towing, cable transpooling operations to the installation vessel and onshore storage reels in the port, as well as barge demobilization.

According to the company, the re-scheduled and expedited project was bid, won and executed in a very short timescale, with the carousel, loading tower and tensioners set up, mobilized and operational on the barge within five days from contract signing.

“Considering the very tight timescale from contract signing, engineering and barge mobilisation allowing us to start spooling approximately 36km of product within five days, a great effort from our client, supporting suppliers and our team,” Dave Hangoor, DOC-Swan Hunter’s Director, said.

The DOC-Swan Hunter joint venture was set up as part of a Memorandum of Understanding that Dutch Offshore Contractors and Swan Hunter signed in September last year, agreeing to jointly provide a complete service package solution to the offshore energy industry by combining their respective specialties.

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