Royal IHC Hands Over Heavy Lifter to Scaldis

Royal IHC has handed over the fully self-propelled DP2 crane vessel Gulliver to Scaldis, a subsidiary of DEME, Jan de Nul and Herbosch-Kiere.

Image source: Royal IHC

IHC managed the complete scope of work including the design, procurement, ship construction in China and commissioning.

Once mechanically complete, the vessel was transferred from China to ROG Rotterdam to finalise the commissioning activities and acceptance tests.

The successful sea trials and 4,000 tonnes load test proved the vessel is now ready for operations, IHC said.

The design was drawn up in-house in cooperation with Vuyk Engineering Rotterdam on the basis of the heavy lift experience of Scaldis.

According to IHC, the Gulliver possesses all key assets of Scaldis’ other heavy lift vessel, Rambiz, with the addition of upgraded workability, increased lifting capacity and lifting height,  fully self-propelled DP2 features, skidding cranes to allow greater flexibility to deck spaces, enlarged deck space, and a helideck.

The Gulliver will be operated by Scaldis for the installation of offshore infrastructures and decommissioning-deconstruction activities for the oil and gas industry as well as the installation of offshore wind farms.

Photo: Image source: Royal IHC