TenneT Already Meets 82% of Germany’s 2020 Offshore Wind Target

TenneT’s offshore grid connection systems connect a total capacity of 5,332MW of offshore wind energy to land and have thus met more than 82% of the Federal Government’s expansion target that envisages 6,500MW of offshore wind by 2020.

The German TSO in charge of the North Sea offshore grid will complete two additional grid connections by the end of 2019, and will provide for a total  of 7,132MW of transmission capacity in the North Sea. By 2025, four more connections are planned, which will increase that transmission capacity to over 10,000MW.

In 2017, wind energy transmitted by TenneT from the North Sea reached a new peak with 15.97TWh, surpassing the previous year’s value of 10.83TWh by 47% and more than doubling that of 2015 (7.36 TWh). In terms of total wind power yield in Germany, with both offshore and onshore producing 100.67 TWh, the North Sea winds had a 15.9% share.


The wind turbines in the Baltic Sea, which does not fall under TenneT’s grid area, generated 1.49TWh in 2017, so Germany’s total offshore output was 17.46TWh.

Image source: TenneT