Siemens Gamesa Shows How It’s Done at Sea (VIDEO)

In this video, Siemens Gamesa navigates you through the installation process of the offshore wind turbines. Get up close and personal with these behemoths and see how they come together at sea.

According to Siemens Gamesa, state-of-the-art installation vessels can load four complete 8MW wind turbines – four towers, 12 rotor blades and four nacelles, which have been pre-assembled on land to reduce time spent at sea.

Under ideal conditions, it will take just 24 hours to load all four turbines onto the ship, the company said.

As wind turbines develop, and especially grow in size, equipment related to all aspects of them also need to be developed. Thus, Siemens Gamesa developed a lifting yoke with automatic connections enabling the crew to move large components via remote control from the safety of the ship.

Even at high winds, the technicians on deck are in control of the components at all times and can install the nacelle safely in less than two hours.

With technicians working almost exclusively from the deck of the ship, installation can continue at wind speeds of up to 12 meters per second, with which a new offshore wind turbine can be installed in a single day.

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