China Guangdong Nuclear Floats 3GW Offshore Wind Project

China Guangdong Nuclear Power Group (CGN) and the government of the city of Jieyang have signed an agreement to develop a deep-water offshore wind project with a capacity of up to 3GW off the Guangdong Province in the South China Sea.

The wind farms will be built at two deep-water sites, CGN said.

The project is valued at CNY 100 billion (EUR 12.8 billion), with an initial investment of CNY 5 billion.

CGN also plans to set up an engineering and R&D center in Jieyang  to develop the deep-water technology needed for the project.

CGN, China’s largest nuclear power plant operator, currently has one offshore wind farm in operation, the 152MW Rudong offshore wind farm which was fully commissioned in September 2016.

CGN is also a part of consortium developing a 24MW floating wind farm demonstrator in France.

Photo: Image source: CGN