Kriegers Flak Substation Foundations Start Taking Shape

The first steel structure which will support one of Kriegers Flak offshore substations was placed onto the concrete section of the gravity based foundation (GBF) at the port of Ostend, Belgium, Jan De Nul said.

Image source: Jan De Nul

The steel structures were transported from Smulders’ yard in Hoboken last weekend, the company said.

The foundations have a weight of 10,000 tonnes and 8,000 tonnes and are being constructed on top of a barge in the port of Ostend.

Jan De Nul expects both substation foundations to be assembled and ready for transportation to Denmark in December.

The company will also be in charge of the installation of the foundations, the ballasting and the placement of scour protection.

The Kriegers Flak wind farm consists of two sections, each with its own substation. Kriegers Flak A, the west section, will have a total capacity of 200MW, while the east section, Kriegers Flak B, will have a total capacity of 400MW.

In November 2016, the joint venture Iemants – Jan De Nul Group won the contract to engineer, construct and install two GBFs for two offshore substations which will serve both Kriegers Flak, as well as an interconnector between the Danish and German grids.

The interconnector project is funded by the European Energy Programme for Recovery.

The Kriegers Flak wind farm, comprising 72 Siemens Gamesa 8MW turbines, is expected to be commissioned by 2021.