European Offshore Wind Developers Demand a Higher EU 2030 Renewables Target

A group of leading European offshore wind developers have signed a declaration to call upon European policy makers to endorse an EU-wide binding target of 35% share of renewables in EU final energy demand by 2030.

According to EDP, Enel, EnBW, Iberdrola, Ørsted and SSE, EU policy makers should “seize the moment and embrace a higher and more ambitious binding renewable energy target, unlocking the potential of electrification of the transport and heating sectors with cost-efficient renewable electricity”, which, they believe, is paramount in order to restore EU’s global leadership in renewables, while enhancing innovation, jobs and economic growth.

The companies think that this target, fully consistent with the rest of the European Commission’s proposals promoting decarbonization within the Clean Energy Package, would put the EU on track towards the objectives set by the Paris Agreement.

The proposed EU binding target of at least 27% share of renewable energy in EU final energy consumption by 2030 lacks ambition and would slow down the current rate of renewables deployment in the EU, affecting industrial value chains and putting at risk the gains and competitive advantage achieved in the past decade, the signatories said.

The offshore wind leaders emphasize that renewables are now the most competitive option for new power generation in Europe due to cost reductions over the last few years, and that the energy sector is thus moving away from traditional ways of generating, distributing and selling electricity towards a new paradigm where renewables are at the core.

“We strongly reaffirm our commitment and spare no effort in further promoting innovative, clean and affordable energy technologies. We are firmly convinced that through strong cooperation with other sectors an ambitious renewable energy target is within reach since there is no energy carrier that can decarbonise to the same extent and scale as electricity,” the companies said in the declaration.

Environment Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) have also proposed that the share of renewable energy in EU’s gross final consumption of energy should be at least 35% by 2030.

The report was adopted by 32 votes to 29, with 4 abstentions. The Committee on Industry, which has the lead competence on the file, will vote on 28 November.

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