K2 Management Takes On Advisor Role at Triton Knoll

K2 Management has won a contract to deliver an independent technical and commercial advisory mandate for the 860MW Triton Knoll offshore wind farm in the UK.

The scope of work will see K2 Management review and analyse project participants, design, construction, supply chain, installation and weather risk, grid connection, O&M strategy, permitting and approvals, environmental and social impact and quality, and health and safety management.

The company will also continue providing support to the project as it progresses towards the financial investment decision (FID), likely in 2018.

K2 Management began work on the project in 2016 by carrying out review and analysis of the wind farm, in order to demonstrate the overall feasibility of the project.

“With fewer UK projects going through auction rounds, innovative and boundary-pushing projects are essential to continue moving the industry in the right direction, particularly given the slow movement of the UK wind market at the moment,” Simon Luby, K2 Management Global Director, said.

“Working on the Triton Knoll project, set to be one of the largest offshore wind developments in the world, is an excellent opportunity to review, identify and mitigate risks with the project.”

Triton Knoll is one of three projects which were successful in the September 2017 UK Government Contract for Difference auction, marking it as one of the best ‘low cost’ offshore wind farms in UK waters, the company said.

The Triton Knoll offshore wind farm will comprise 90 MHI Vestas V164-9.5 MW turbines. Its onshore construction is expected shortly after the FID, with offshore construction starting in 2020.

First energy generation could be as early as mid-2021.

Triton Knoll started off as a 50%-50% partnership between innogy and Statkraft. Earlier this month, innogy agreed to buy Statkraft’s 50% stake after the project reaches the final investment decision.

Photo: Image Source: MHI Vestas

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