Port of Brest Prepares for Offshore Wind

The French port of Brest has started upgrading its quay areas to enable accommodating the offshore renewables industry.

The region of Bretagne – the owner of the port – has decided to invest around EUR 220 million to upgrade the port by constructing a 400.000 square metre area, with an aim to attract important players within offshore wind and tidal energy industries.

Image Source: Blue Water Shipping

The upgrade includes a new heavy load quay for large components in the offshore renewable energy industry, reports Blue Water Shipping, who have acted as port agents for several coasters arriving in Brest with so-called sheet piles as part of the project.

“This upgrade will hopefully attract large players from the offshore industry. With our experience and years of involvement in challenging projects, we are ready to provide all operators with the best services within offshore wind”, says Marianne Girardin, Marine and renewables Manager at Blue Water Brest.

The port upgrade is scheduled to be completed in 2020.