Ventolines Teams Up with Advisian

Advisian Power & New Energy has signed an agreement with Ventolines NL, under which Ventolines will be provided global access to wind energy projects that WorleyParsons may be invited to support, while at the same time providing Advisian with complementary onshore and offshore wind energy knowledge and skills.

Illustration (Image source: Westermeerwind)

Ventolines has been involved in providing construction management and electrical and quality advisory services to the Block Island Wind Farm, developed by Deepwater Wind as the first offshore wind farm in the U.S. The company has also worked for Windpark Westermeermeerwind and NOP Agrowind (both part of Windpark Noordoostpolder), Windpark Fryslân, and ECN Wind Energy Facilities.

Neil Mackintosh, Advisian’s Executive Vice President, said: “Our new relationship with Ventolines strengthens Advisian’s position as one the world’s leading sources of renewable energy consultancy and engineering services.”

Anne De Groot, CEO of Ventolines, said: “Working with Advisian adds great value to Ventolines and opens up opportunities to execute some great projects throughout the world.”

New Energy, including onshore and offshore wind, is one of the top strategic growth areas for Advisian, the company highlighted, adding that because of the rapidly growing opportunities in the sector, this partnership is complementary with regards to each party’s specific skill sets.