Aeolus Connects to a Walney Extension TP with SMST Telescopic Access Bridge

Image source: SMST

SMST’s Telescopic Access Bridge M Serie – including flatrack and telescopic pedestal elevator system – has been installed on Van Oord’s offshore installation vessel Aeolus, deployed on the Walney Extension offshore wind project. The first landing took place on 24th June, after an installation period of 3.5 days.

Image source: SMST

From the start, the vessel’s crane operators and lifting supervisors have been operating the gangway after being prepared by theoretical and practical training sessions given by onboard SMST personnel, SMST informed.

During the first connections to the transition pieces there was a significant wave height of approx. 1m with wind speeds up to 20 m/s.

The use of a compensated gangway is necessary since most of the Transition Piece installations will be done floating in DP2 mode. The high tide differences on the Walney Extension project required a telescopic pedestal to be added to the set-up. This enables height compensation of 6m.