Expertise Hub VIDEO: SOVs to Stay In Demand (Esvagt)

Esvagt’s Service Operations Vessels (SOVs) currently working, and those set to work, in the offshore wind sector have a bright future after their initial offshore wind contracts expire as they will still be in demand, according to Ole Ditlev Nielsen, the company’s Business Development Manager, who joined Offshore WIND Expertise Hub at the beginning of June.

In 2016, Esvagt marked a turnover of DKK 181 million (EUR 24.3 million) derived from the activities in offshore wind.

Siemens has chartered the Esvagt Froude and Esvagt Faraday for the Baltic 2 and Butendiek offshore wind farms in Germany. Both vessels started operations in 2015. Esvagt Njord started its contract for the Dudgeon offshore wind farm in the UK in September 2016. In December 2015, MHI Vestas signed a 10-year contract with Esvagt for an SOV that will be used to service Nobelwind and Belwind offshore wind farms in Belgium. The new Havyard 831 SOV is scheduled to be delivered and commence service in the second half of this year.

What led to Esvagt being awarded contracts for major offshore wind projects is the SOV concept being a well-received solution within the offshore wind industry, as well as the fact that the company pioneered the concept and has continued improving it, according to Søren Karas, Esvagt’s Chief Commercial Officer.

In the video posted above, you can find out more about Esvagt in the offshore wind sector from both Ole Ditlev Nielsen and Søren Karas.

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