GeoSea Makes Headway on Albatros Project

GeoSea, a subsidiary of DEME Group, has completed the design of the foundations for the 112MW EnBW Albatros offshore wind farm and has received a Notice to Proceed with the fabrication and offshore installation of 16 wind turbine foundations and one offshore transformer module (OTM).

Image source: DEME

GeoSea is Siemens’ EPCI partner on this project and the neighbouring 497MW EnBW Hohe See wind farm.

This partnership enables Siemens to provide full-scope offshore wind power plant solutions including offshore wind turbines, the OTMs, and the foundations.

The development of the two wind farms will be carried out as a joint project, scheduled for completion in 2019, EnBW said.

The two wind farms will feature a total of 87 Siemens SWT-7.0-154 wind turbines with a combined capacity of 609MW.

The Albatros offshore wind farm is located in the so-called “exclusive economic zone” of the North Sea, approximately 90 km north of the island of Borkum in the German North Sea.

The project will cover an area of around 11 square kilometres with water depths of up to 40 metres.

The design of the offshore foundations for the Albatros wind farm is based on monopile and transition piece foundations.

Fabrication of the foundations is foreseen in 2017/2018 whilst offshore installation will take place in 2018 together with the offshore installation of the EnBW Hohe See offshore wind farm.

Christopher Iwens, General Manager of DEME’s German Subsidiaries, said: “We see the award of the Albatros project as a recognition by our Clients of our continuous strive for efficiency and synergies in the execution of projects. Our presence in Germany also strengthens our relationships with all our German partners and as offshore foundation specialist we are proud to support Siemens in the entry to the German offshore wind market with the Siemens Offshore Transformer Module (OTM). The Albatros contract gives continuity to our project portfolio in Germany and will be handled by our local project team of experts from our regional offices in Bremen”.