DolWin Gamma Topside On the Move

The topside of the DolWin gamma offshore converter station has sailed out of the Nordic Yard facility in Rostock to the German North Sea, TenneT reports.

Source: TenneT

The DolWin gamma is currently between Rostock and Fehmarn and progresses at a speed between 2 and 5.5 knots. The barge carrying the topside is being towed and accompanied by two vessels from Boskalis’ fleet.

The DolWin gamma offshore platform is part of the 900MW DolWin3 offshore grid connection system which will be installed some 50 kilometres north of Borkum in a water depth of about 30 metres.

DolWin gamma is a daughter platform to the DolWin alpha and will be connected to it via a fixed bridge.

In 2013, TenneT awarded a contract for the supply and construction of the DolWin3 onshore and offshore converter stations as well as the connecting cable systems to Alstom, which in the meantime sold its power and grid businesses to GE.

DolWin3 is being developed to allow secure transfer of renewable energy from the distant wind farms to the mainland with as little loss as possible.

Once completed by the end of this year, the DolWin3 will connect two offshore wind farms from the DolWin cluster to the 400kV substation in Dörpen West.