Nobelwind Offshore Wind Farm Officially Opens

The 165MW Nobelwind wind farm will today be officially inaugurated in Oostende, Belgium, MHI Vestas Offshore Wind reports.

Exactly one week after the official opening of the Burbo Bank Extension in the UK, MHI Vestas arrived in Oostende, Belgium to celebrate the successful deployment of Nobelwind’s 50 V112-3.3 MW offshore turbines.

MHI Vestas CEO Jens Tommerup said: “Today is an exciting day for MHI Vestas as we celebrate the opening of the Nobelwind offshore wind farm. We are grateful to Parkwind for the opportunity to deploy 50 of our V112-3.3 MW turbines off the coast of Belgium. After another successful collaboration with Parkwind and our supply chain partners, we’re proud to have these 50 turbines providing enough clean energy to power more than 188,000 Belgian homes.”

The turbines, positioned 47 kilometres off the coast of Belgium, will provide enough renewable energy to power more than 188,000 Belgian homes, MHI Vestas said.

MHI Vestas and Parkwind have now successfully collaborated on the 165MW Belwind, the 216MW Northwind, and Nobelwind, installing a combined 546MW together off the coast of Belgium.

The Nobelwind opening comes as the offshore wind sector continues to see costs decline, making wind energy more affordable for consumers, the turbine maker said.

Photo: Source: MHI Vestas

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