RenewableUK Issues Manifesto Ahead of UK General Election

On 9 May, RenewableUK highlighted the benefits of renewable energy in a manifesto published ahead of the General Election in the UK in June.

In the document, the trade association points out that renewable energy has become a mainstream technology which is driving down consumer bills, as new onshore wind is the cheapest technology bar none, and offshore wind is set to be cheaper than nuclear power. Meanwhile, wave and tidal energy are scaling up to become significant clean power sources, RenewableUK said.

RenewableUK urges the next Government to put in place policies to create a strong energy future for the UK by implementing four key measures:

  • Keep consumer energy bills down by investing in domestic, affordable, low carbon power
  • Set a long term, low carbon vision for energy system
  • Build modern, flexible, and smart energy infrastructure which matches the needs of 21st century consumers, British industry and the UK economy
  • Secure the economic and export opportunities of renewable energy and its supply chains for Britain as we leave the EU

RenewableUK’s Executive Director Emma Pinchbeck said: “The next Government has a clear opportunity to ensure that the renewable energy sector can continue to grow and deliver even cheaper electricity to UK homes and businesses.

“The first steps to achieving this include confirming existing investment commitments, and ensuring a competitive process is in place to secure cheap new generation. We need a transparent procurement system which is fair to all technologies.

“As we look to leaving the European Union, the next Government can show leadership by bringing forward a plan to deliver the UK’s climate commitments and maintaining a robust carbon price floor.

“Stable policy will allow industry to keep delivering. Government should be at the heart of building our strong energy future”.