Norwegian Shipowners Make Case for Offshore Wind

Some 90% of Norwegian shipowners find the offshore wind industry as interesting for their activities in the future, according to a diagram published by the Norwegian Shipowners’ Association. 

Percentage of shipowners naming the ocean industries as interesting for their activities in the future, by segments. (Source: Norwegian Shipowners’ Association / Menon Economics)

The association pointed out that wind energy production is a significant industry in Europe, with over 300,000 jobs and NOK 699 billion in annual turnover, and has significant potential for decarbonising energy production, improving energy security, and providing European companies with competitive advantages.

Offshore wind has significant potential within renewable energy production in many parts of the world. Europe is at present the global leader in offshore wind, and strong growth is anticipated in this sector, both in Europe and around the world, though Europe is still the most mature market, the association stated. While offshore wind is still in its early stages in other parts of the world, the sector has more than 20 years of experience in Europe. There has been continuous growth since 2012 in the production of power from offshore wind.

The Norwegian Shipowners’ Association further said it supported the Parliament’s request that the government, in connection with the review of the Energy Act, proposes a strategy that would promote the realisation of demonstration projects for floating offshore wind and other forms of ocean-based renewable energy technology. The strategy should also examine opportunities for the development of the Norwegian supplier industry within renewable energy production.

The association also said it sees the need for mapping out of opportunities for public financing of a pilot installation for floating offshore wind, and the establishment of standards for certification and verification of offshore wind.

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