InnoEnergy Opens 2017 Investment Round

InnoEnergy today launched its 2017 Investment Round to support innovative sustainable energy technology.

In its sixth year, the Investment Round will help European businesses – start-ups, SMEs or larger, address the challenges faced when commercialising technology – shortening the journey from lab to launch, InnoEnergy said.

The round is open until 7 April 2017.

Since 2011, the Investment Round has supported projects to raise €1.2 billion, with InnoEnergy investing €147 million and the remainder being funded by partner companies and investors. This has resulted in the creation of 250 project partners across Europe, with 78 products now commercially viable and linked to €3bn in forecasted sales.

Diego Pavia, CEO at InnoEnergy, said: “Sustainable energy innovation is vital to reduce emissions, slow climate change and provide affordable energy for countries worldwide.

“Our Investment Round for Innovation Projects has already facilitated a number of success stories and the impact of the technologies is clear – more than €3bn in forecasted sales. It’s quite something.

“InnoEnergy is at the forefront of today’s sustainable energy sector. The Investment Round will enable us to achieve our objective and support more European businesses to commercialise the next big innovations in sustainable energy.”