Heijmans, Europoles Win TenneT’s Grid Upgrade Contract

TenneT has provisionally awarded Heijmans and Europoles with a EUR 200 million contract for the design and construction of high-voltage Wintrack pylons and foundations for the Eemshaven-Vierverlaten (Noordwest 380kV) and Borssele-Rilland (Zuidwest 380kV West) grids in the Netherlands. 

The Noordwest 380kV project involves replacement of the existing high-voltage connection (220kV) between Eemshaven and Vierverlaten with a 380kV connection, partly in combination with 110kV, in order to improve transport and distribution of electricity from various power plants, offshore wind farms and undersea power connections in the north.

The Zuidwest 380kV West project includes construction of a new connection that will double the transport capacity on the Borssele-Rilland grid, to give the electricity grid an additional capacity for power generated by sources such as new offshore wind farms.

The provisional contract is expected to be granted at the end of January 2017.

Wintrack is a new pylon concept for high-voltage lines, which TenneT has already used in the Randstad 380kV Zuid and Noordring and Doetinchem-Wesel projects.

The Wintrack II pylon is partly made of concrete, unlike the Wintrack I pylon which is made entirely of steel. The new pylon also has a sleek profile and is designed to significantly reduce the so-called magnetic field zone. These features mean it is possible to build new 380kV connections above ground with minimal impact on local residents and the landscape.

Photo: Image: TenneT/ archive